what you wanna know?

Sure, you've got questions! So hopefully you'll find your answer here. If not, you can email me (birkimbags@gmail.com)

When are you releasing more?

Well I looove the enthusiasm for more damn pots! They'll be released in blocks to ensure that I have time to make them with care. If I rush them, they'll be shit and nobody wants that. ALL shop updates will be posted on my Instagram page. This is where most of you will be looking so it's only fair that you all get told in the same place. Emailing or sliding into my DM's won't curry favour or get me to make a sneaky one on the side - soz. Wanna keep it fair so just keep an eye on that Insta.

Why do they take so long?


In the old days, they were air dry clay and I could get them shipped with two weeks. As the business has grown, that dispatch time has been tossed out the window.

They now take up to 6 weeks. I’m sorry! 

Now they are kiln fired ceramics, meaning they may need up to 3 firings. Plus I have to make them all and it all takes time.

I’m also in a shared studio space and have to respect the use and order of the kiln between the other members. I do my best to get them out sooner.


Basically, it's a whole process. Please be patient.

What are they made from?

The pots are made from Air Drying clay. This means that they're not as strong as it's ceramic sisters, but it's also why they're not super expensive. They also have different types of acrylic on them.

*Due to being 100% made from hand, there will be scuffs, marks and blemishes. There'll even be specks of fabric and dust on the surface as I work with aerosol. It's inevitable and it's what makes them unique. If you get it and think  it's like a "full on Monet...great far away, but get up close and it's a big old mess" then pop it on the shelf and take a few steps back - you'll no longer notice the blemishes*

They are mainly decorative so they need looking after. I can't assume responsibility if it becomes damaged once you've opened the box.

More info can be found on this post!

Can they hold water?

Yes & No. If you want to use them as a vase, do so at your own peril. I can't guarantee that water won't find the tiniest hole and leak through. They are able to support plants that get the occasional drink. Water can sit in the bottom as it won't be there long. Making it ideal to hold your plant babies, without killing it. Be careful of putting plants in the pot as damage to the lower half, inside, may cause water to leak and rot the pot.

Please also avoid the use of MISTERS or Spritzers - the droplets can and will damage to design. Any water should go in the open top of the bag.

What's the finished look?

The final result is a white plastic bag, which is coated in spray acrylic, which gives it a shine - like plastic. It also helps to add a bit of extra protection to the designs. Because of the spray, there may be the odd bit of dust in your final product but its inevitable when using an aerosol. If anything, it adds to its charm of being a carrier bag.

Also see answer to: What Are They Made From? written above about them.

What about shipping?

I'm currently shipping worldwide - there may be delays due to COVID.

They are sent 2nd Class Signed For in the UK, and Tracked/Signed International for everywhere else. This is to ensure they don't go missing and also means you can follow where it is.Tracking is added to your dispatch email, so check there for updates.

The pricing varies between places, an they tend to increase every now and again due to Royal Mail - I don't make the prices, they do. I'm aware it can be pricey.

They're wrapped and boxed up carefully, but accidents do happen so if it arrives damaged - PLEASE take photo and send it my way, also take a photo of the packaging and boxes. I'll prioritise getting a new one out to you ASAP.

You can track via Royal Mail, and usually via your local delivery service once they're scanned into your country. For example, you can use the USPS site to track orders in the US.

If you're hit with customs or other charges, it remains your responsibility. They aren't a high cost item so it shouldn't be an issue.

Wanna collab?

I am absolutely open to collabs! You can email me (birkimbags@gmail.com) with all the info. Give me an outline of what you wanna do and I'll do my best to make it happen. I won't be able to say yes to everything but there's no harm in asking. Please bear in mind that I may not reply immediately. I'm an anxious person so sit in my own head a lot.

How much!?

Not really a question but a fair statement. This hasn't been said but I know that a £35 pot isn't everyone's budget. That's fair enough. Having been a self-employed person for a few years, and also having been mugged off by a certain plant lady, I found out the hard way to be upfront when it comes to talking about money.

I have to charge my worth, time, equipment and skills. It's not gonna be for everyone but I can't undersell myself. It's your decision whether you think my product is worth it - and I truly hope you do, and I hope that you'll support me and my pots!