what you wanna know?

Sure, you've got questions! I‘ve updated this so have a peek to see if you can find an answer, if not, get in touch via email:

When is your next update?

Well I looove the enthusiasm for more damn pots! They'll be released in blocks to ensure that I have time to make them with care. If I rush them, they'll be shit and nobody wants that. ALL shop updates will be posted on my Instagram page. This is where most of you will be looking so it's only fair that you all get told in the same place. Emailing or sliding into my DM's won't curry favour or get me to make a sneaky one on the side - soz. Wanna keep it fair so just keep an eye on that Insta.

Where is my order?

Ummm, I’m not sure but I’ll do my best to help. Please try and wait for it before asking because it turns up the following day 99% of the time.

If you haven’t received a tracking number, you can click on ‘view your order’ on your original confirmation email. Then your tracking number will be underneath the map. If it’s not there, it’s likely still in production or being packed up.

There are often delays due to customs, which I can’t do anything about. Just keep checking the tracking or contact your local delivery office for updates.

Why such long lead times?

In the old days, they were air dry clay and I could get them shipped with two weeks. As the business has grown, along with my switch to kiln fired ceramics, that dispatch time has been tossed out the window.

They now take a minimum of 4 weeks. I’m sorry! This doesn't mean it will be the full four weeks, but if I have a huge amount to make, it'll affect it.

Now they are kiln fired ceramics, meaning they may need up to 3 firings. Plus I have to make them all and it all takes time. I can’t fire a few items so generally everything has to go into the kiln in large batches.

I’m setting my business up so it’s not dominating my time. I don’t want a stressful environment and if I want to take an afternoon so I can so something creative, then I’m gonna allow myself the time/space to do so. 

If you do have a deadline, like it’s a gift for a birthday etc, then let me know and I’ll do my best to get it made sooner. 

What are they made from?

They’re all made from Earthstone Clay. It's great for handbuilding*. It'll then be dried and bisque fired. Then it's painted or glazed before being fired again. If you've gone for a design, then that'll be applied and it'll then be fired for a third time.

The kiln fired bags are perfect for keeping your plants happy. They can hold are much or as little water as you like. You can even request for me to put drainage holes inside.

They’re also food safe you if you wanna order a big one and fill it with candy, who am I to judge! 

What's the finished look?

A strong ceramic bag, will a high shine surface. Decorated with either stripes or a chosen design. The decal designs are specially printed through another company so please be aware they are not a crisp as the Air Dry ones. This is because they need special coatings to ensure they are durable and permanent.

If you ordered something with gold, note that there may be streaks or small marks. It’s hard to control the thickness as they cover a big space on the mugs so bear that in mind. They come with care instructions but just in case, please avoid scrubbing the gold, a light wipe will be ok. They are also dishwasher safe. Just avoid harsh chemicals and scourers! 

What about shipping?

I'm currently shipping worldwide.

They are sent 2nd Class Signed For in the UK, and Tracked/Signed International for everywhere else. This is to ensure they don't go missing and also means you can follow where it is.Tracking is added to your dispatch email, so check there for updates.

The pricing varies between places, an they tend to increase every now and again due to Royal Mail - I don't make the prices, they do. I'm aware it can be expensive but it’s out of my hands.

They're wrapped and boxed up carefully, but accidents do happen so if it arrives damaged - PLEASE take photo and send it my way, also take a photo of the packaging and boxes. I'll prioritise getting a new one out to you ASAP.

You can track via Royal Mail, and usually via your local delivery service once they're scanned into your country. For example, you can use the USPS site to track orders in the US.

If you're hit with customs or other charges, it remains your responsibility. This has become more of an issue since Brexit. Please do be careful when ordering as it varies between countries.

How much!?

Not really a question but a fair statement. This hasn't been said but I know that a £50 for a plant pot seems a lot but it really isn't. My pieces are made to be considered as an investment into a product that you have for a long time.

I have to charge my worth, time, equipment and skills. It's not gonna be for everyone but I can't undersell myself. It's your decision whether you think my product is worth it - and I truly hope you do, and I hope that you'll support me and my pots!

Are you doing your part?

I’m definitely doing my best. All the packing is recyclable and made from recycled products. That even includes my packing tape and cards inside the order. They are also asked with eco friendly packing peanuts, which I encourage you to reuse or they can be dissolved in water without anything toxic affecting the water.