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My shop is back to small updates instead of being open all the time. This allows me to manage the workload and be more efficient with kiln use, instead of firing a few pieces sporadically.

I'm currently working another job so please be patient - it's super appreciated!

Feel free to check out my stockists if you can’t wait for them to be freshly cookee in the kiln. I have stock at: DIY Art Shop in London, GREEN Plants in Edinburgh and The Ode To in Stockholm.


Don't listen to me....these are some reviews


Absolutely perfect, exactly what I wanted. also, as an aside, it smells really nice too x

Iona - Etsy


Absolutely delighted with my Birkimbag and the service could not have been any better. Thank you!! 😍

Tracy - Etsy


They're even better in real life! Perfect little pots and they make any space look great!

May - Etsy