about birkim

Awww, look at you coming to have a wee look/stalk at who I am.

Well it's probably just going to be one HUGE let down but here we go...

I'm Kim - Ber - Ley. Now a lot of people either immediately know the reference of my name, but it can also take some a while to figure it out. Most don't realise that it's also 2/3's of my name jumbled. Kim - Ber = BirKim :-)

If you're not sure on the other reference: click here. You're welcome.

As for the history of me, there's a lot of it so i'll give you some highlight:

  • I'm 35, married with 2 cats and based in London (not for much longer!)
  • My first job was as a fishmonger, aged 14.
  • Injuries include: frying pan to the face, sewing needle stuck in the bone in my foot, getting hit by a car while riding a bike. Only broken bone was some twat jumping on my little toe at a gig.
  • I was published in Animals of Farthing Wood - Issue. 97
  • I'm a qualified Nail Technician and make my own nail decals
  • I'm profoundly deaf - I am hugely dependent on lipreading

I created BirKim from an idea at 3am.

Inspired by the urge to use a block of clay I had lying around, and the need to create something fun, occasionally offensive and different.

There is something great about the style and design on plastic bags, although their single use consumption is an issue so I wanted to make something that would have pride of place in homes and create conversations.

Plus, as time has gone on, I've been able to play around further and create some brilliant pieces. I've also been able to continue learning about different ceramic processes so that I  can create functional bags as well as decorative.

I have a hugely expressive face, meaning my eyebrows will tell you before my mouth can. I'm always known for being very direct and blunt. While not being (deliberately) offensive, I don't see the point in dragging out things when we can all just be honest and then still have time for a drink.

I also have an internal monolgue that keeps me company when the husband and cats can't.