Wholesale? Drop Ship? Collab?


I'm adding this section because I get a lot of email and DM's via Instagram regarding wholesale.

I read all enquiries but I rarely reply and it's not because I'm trying to be a dick. It's just I don't really have time to. It's easy to think that a reply takes a minute or two, but when you're getting several enquiries a day, along with other enquiries while actually trying to get through a stack of orders, I have to prioritise.

Any enquiries are labelled as such, put into a special folder, and saved for the day that I look to expand out.

While the option to be in lots of shops is great, I also want to be able to control how much stock is available and not flood the market because they are an exclusive item.

So feel free to enquire, just don't be offended if I don't reply, because I am one person, and you will be placed in the folder.

Drop Shipping:

I doubt I will ever do drop shipping as it means I will need to have stock available and I don't work that way. Sorry.

I love the idea of it but I manage my sales to my own schedule and availability, adding this would mean that I have to work differently and if I don't need to, then I won't.

If I'm able to produce on a larger scale, then I will definitely reconsider, but it won't be until mid to late 2021 that this is feasible.


I am always going to be open to a collaboration, but to be clear, asking me to pay for exposure - IS NOT A COLLAB. Asking for ££'s for me to feature on your page - IS NOT A COLLAB. It's a service and to suggest it's a collaborative effort is bullshit.

If you do want to collaborate, please send an email. Let me know your ideas, plans, quantities, inspiration, deadlines etc. It's hard to me to get excited about working with you if I don't know what you want. Plan in advance, don't ask me for something next month because I'll almost certainly have other projects in the pipeline. It's gonna going to be possible for me to take on every project, but there's never any harm in trying.


Anyway - if you still want to send me an email: birkimbags@gmail.com