Mini Tote Set - PRE ORDER

Mini Tote Set - PRE ORDER

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A set of 4 mini totes

These are made from earthstone and are kiln fired and glazed. They can hold water and be used for mini vases or planters for mini succulents and cacti.

These are hand made and super cute as they are so small.

Let me know in the notes which combination of designs you'd like. I know it can be frantic so feel free to email me after if you'd prefer. No notes = Lucky Dip!

The mini totes are made from ceramics but the decals are my older (non fired) ones. This is to keep the details and colours on such small items. Please refrain from using spritzers. Pipettes are perfect for watering your mini plants in these bags!

These are one sided designs and one handle per bag 

The dimensions are roughly:

Height: 4cm

Width: 3.5cm

Depth: 2.5cm